Hiroshima Bus Center Tourist Information(Bus Terminal)

6-27 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
(Hiroshima Bus Center 3F)

TEL.:082-554-1810 (9:00–16:00)

Hours: 8:00–19:00

JNTO-certified foreign
tourist information/Cat. 2 (9:00–16:00)

Hiroshima City Tourist Information(Inside Shareo)

Underground Shopping Mall 100 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City (Inside the Kamiyacho Underground Shopping Mall “Shareo”)


Hours: 11:00–17:00

JNTO-certified foreign tourist information/Cat. 2

SOGO Hiroshima Information Desk

6-27 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
(SOGO Hiroshima 1F)


Hours: 10:00–20:00

JNTO-certified foreign
tourist information/Cat. 2

RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima

6-78 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City


Hours: 8:00–20:00

JNTO-certified foreign
tourist information/Cat. 1

SOGO Hiroshima
Special Coupon

Excluded from this discount: grocery items, discounted items and sale items, specialty shops, restaurants and cafes, other specified items, and name-brand items. For details, please ask the staff.

  • Period of validity: Until Dec. 31, 2024
  • This 5% Discount is on merchandise over ¥1,000 (tax excl.) purchased at SOGO Hiroshima.*Not available at other stores.*Some items are excluded.
  • Please show this QR code and your passport to the staff before payment.

*QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.


Learn about the history, legacy, and lasting memory of Hiroshima past, present,and future

“HIROSHIMA PEACE TOURIZM” is your own personal tour guide to Hiroshima past, present, and future: learn about the various memorials, monuments, and museums dedicated to peace, and explore historical sites, hibaku buildings and trees, and find out what peace means to you.

Tax Refund Procedure

SOGO Hiroshima Main Bldg. 1F = Tax Refund Counter

Hours: 11:45–19:00

Tax refunds are available for items purchased at SOGO Hiroshima on that day. After shopping, please bring your passport, the items you have purchased, and the receipts to the Tax Refund Counter.

Persons Eligible for Tax Refund

Persons who are not residents of Japan, and who themselves have purchased merchandise from SOGO Hiroshima (purchasing on behalf of the person is not acceptable)

  • Foreign nationals who do not have the qualifications to reside in Japan, and are staying in Japan for less than 6 months.
    *Date of re-entry to Japan is not applicable. *Persons who hold Short-Term Stay, Diplomat, or Official status of residence.
  • Japanese nationals who can confirm with documentary evidence that they have been continuously residing outside of Japan for at least two years.
    *Persons who are now temporarily back in Japan less than 6 months.
    *SOGO Hiroshima will charge 1.55% of the payment amount of tax-exempt items as a tax refund handling fee.
    *Some shops and items are excluded. For details, please ask the staff at the Tax Refund Counter.

Please note that colors and textures of materials may differ slightly between the photos of products and the actual products.
Some items are available in limited quantities, so please understand that they may run out.
*The price shown is the “total price paid (including tax)”, which is the base price plus 10% consumption tax.
For food and beverage items other than alcoholic beverages, the “total price paid (including tax)” is the base price plus 8% consumption tax.
However, the consumption tax rate is 10% for food and beverages that are served at tables, chairs, and counters in restaurants and shops.